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I just leave this here in case someone needs it.

I keep reading people cannot find any information about such. On Steam...

This one has even more information, but is only so~so fit for Galaxy

I know you cannot upvote the guide or whatsoever. I do not care. If it helps one person over here, it is fine for me. I am active on Steam forums in the tech subsection for BG3 if anyone has a question. You can post there without owning the game on Steam.
the value is limited
for example telling people to delete their game LevelCache is bad advice but telling them to do it without telling why or the cost is really dum

your LevelCache stores the textures and other lighting data for each area you encounter
1 deleting it means your system has to work harder now because all the data needs to be remade
2 it will only help if the save game / crash you are trying to recover happened as you are moving from one act / area to the next

the player profile data is more multiplayer but at least that can help and doesn't do any harm

p.s, we agree cross-saves don't work and are better turned off
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