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GrizzledLone: LAN still works the same way it did in early access. Install the game on both computers, create a LAN session and have your wife join your game. It's proper LAN, you don't need an internet connection, Galaxy or the LariLauncher. Just start the game from either bg3.exe (vulkan) or bg3_dx11.exe
scottvf: Thanks for the info. Going to buy game now.

Thorqemada: It is very different!

Splitscreen Coop is meant to be played on 1 computer/instance with 1 gamecopy.

LAN/Internet Coop is meant to be played on two or more PCs or game instances and albeit i have not read the EULA i am pretty sure that you need a gamecopy per PC/Instance!

You can play the game on several PCs or instances only if it is 1 PC/instance at a time.

That is is technically possible to do otherwise does not make it legal!
scottvf: It's like buying a car and if you want your wife to drive having to buy the same car twice.
Plus I don't think the game police will come knocking on my door.
But if you both want to drive at the same time you need two cars, yes?