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After searching, found one older thread where a posted mentioned this particular game has NO cloud saves on GOG Galaxy. Just needed some confirmation. I just switched PCs and do not want to lose 50 hours of gameplay. Of note, I do have a account but cannot for the life of me find these cloud saves on GOG Galaxy. Everything brand new installation, patched and updated.

If Steam allows cloud saves and GOG Galaxy does not, I will just refund this.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can confirm this.
Larian and Gog = cross saves not cloud saves

if your old system had a tick in cross saves and your new system also has a tick in cross saves [for the same Larian account] then the 50+ hours will download onto the new system

to be clear, saves from EA builds don't work on release

p.s, another option is just copy paste the saves onto a USB stick
Post edited August 27, 2023 by ussnorway