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Changelog for Update 1.05.1 (added 29 November 2018):

* Corrupted user save and user settings files will be handled and reported
* Fix for agents not rendering correctly on certain Macs
* Added Command line param: NoAutoPause - The game will no longer pause when tabbed out
* Added Command line param: NoAlienFX - Disables AlienFX lighting.
* [EXPERIMENTAL] Added Command line param: TouchCursor - Emulates touch controls for Windows & Mac
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Changelog for Update 1.06 (added 31 December 2018):

* Plunge can now drop from a height of 2 at upgrade level 1 and 2
* Slight buff to archers
* Replenish can begin before all units make it to the house, if some are delayed
* Fixes progression blocker if commander is stunlocked
* Early game enemy types appear a little sooner

* Easy Difficulty mode
* Keyboard remapping
* Gamepad layout cheatsheets
* Loadout / Deployment order is retained from turn to turn
* Game will detect if you trap yourself on the campaign map and trigger a game over

* Improved Island Generation so failures are less likely
* Should reduce the chance of having islands stuck under the fog
* Improved some framerate spikes due to garbage collection

Bug Fixes
* Possible fix for game sometimes hanging at start
* Fix for archers sometimes shooting through cave walls
* Fixed issues where units would occasionally stick on each other (introduced in 1.04)
* Fix for potential progression blocker if some soldiers made it into a house but the commander gets stunlocked on their way there
* Fix for squads occasionally forgetting to follow their commander back out of a house
* Improved handling of corrupted campaign save files
* Fix for units being invisible on some Mac Graphics APIs
* Fix for commander flags getting stuck on houses
* Cycling through squads will show godrays, indicating the selected squad
* Experimental touch mode on PC will correctly show pause buttons on-screen
* Fleeing archers will be able to shoot from the ship before their commander arrives
* Fix for the squad destination marker sometimes becoming invisible
* On PC, the game will remain visible when you tab out of it

* Miscellaneous UI polish
* Squads will now exit the house and pretend they were helping, if they were replenishing when the battle was won
* Corpses get highlighted like grass
* Flee will popup an icon once the ship is considered fully fled (50% to the fog)
* Better highlighting of right click to move on PC
* Sparklier snow
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Changelog for Update 1.07 (added 23 January 2019):

Bug Fixes
* Fix for Game crashing on Windows systems with Citrix, or other virtual display drivers
* Fix for reduced total campaign gold (introduced by 1.06)
* Fix for viking brute archers having too much stun damage (introduced in 1.06)
* Fix for Game Over being triggered if the final level is the only level left
* Fix for blurry fatigue icon in loadout screen
* Fix for gamepad movement pointer disappearing if rapidly reselecting units
* Fix for certain enemies occasionally teleporting off of their ships when disembarking
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Changelog for Jotunn Edition Update (added 24 July 2019):

Features & Changes
- 4 new items
- Hero Traits
- See the enemy types you will face before playing a level
- Shared gold
- Checkpoints
- Replayable Levels
- Very Hard difficulty
- Choose the look and loadout of your starting commanders
- Unlock Items and Traits for your starting commanders
- Track your unlocks in the new Codex
- Replaced the red shielded vikings with a new enemy type
- Units are more effective at retreating from enemies on command
- Units (including shielded enemies) can be knocked off of ships
- Rebalanced all attacks that launch units
- Delete your old Save Games
- Commander stats

Standalone installers updated to 8236d7f.