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Hey guys, I really love the game Bad North, but one complaint I have is that gameplay can quickly become stale. I figured new classes might mix up the current meta of Infantry/Infantry/Pikeman/Archers with a support unit. I have found support to be fully lacking in the game, and while healers and magic seem to be off the table for a game like, this I thought of a Martial support unit which could shake things up a bit, a General class.

Here is what I was thinking:

General: A light combat unit which can boost the effectiveness of your units in various ways. (Unlocked for 6 coins from Militia)

Lv1: Units remain as basic Militia units, but gain the ability to bolster and resupply other troops on the battlefield. If the General and his squad stand next to another unit of yours, they can transfer units from their squad, to say your knights, archers or pikeman. Perhaps make a small resupply banner appear above his head, make it lasts for 6 seconds, and voila, 3 Militia from your Generals squad become 3 Knights. Leaving you with 5 remaining soliders.

The upgrades for this class would be focused on increasing the size of your squad, only in the final rank (Elite) making your units slightly combat ready.

Lv2: 2 additional units, and the time it takes to resupply in a house for this squad is reduces to 12 seconds instead of 16. (12 Coins)
Lv3: Perhaps some armor for the militia units so they can take a hit, 2 more units, and reduce the transferring of units to 4 seconds. (20 Coins)

As for the skill, again, it would be an upgradable support ability.

Rally: Lv1: The general can instantly end a cooldown ability of an adjacent squad. (Unlocked for 7 coins)
Lv2: Rally can be used from a farther distance. (10 Coins)
Lv3: Rally can give back a use of an item, or end its cooldown, in addition to also ending a skills cooldown (14 coins).

At maximum level these guys would be really strong which I can see, but again, it takes a lot of coin investment to get there, and smart playing to survive for that long. Anyway, lemme know what you all think. Thanks!