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I would like to thank IAmSinistar for recommending this game to me and a very special thanks to sergejGOGaccount for gifting me the game in a particularly rough time in my life.

It has exceeded every expectation I had, it's so, but so awesome! My only (minor) complaint would be that I was thinking it was a bit more on the "literary" side, with all the comparisons to Kafka, but as it turns out it's just because of it being a Metamorphosis "man-turns-into-insect" story (though I guess Roger Samms, our player character's name, is a play on The Metamorphosis' main character, Gregor Samsa). I haven't finished the game yet, so it may still surprise me on that level, as well (I'm taking my time, exploring every nook and cranny, climbing every wall, watching every hint video is just way too much fun -- I just saved a baby cockroach on the oven door, and now I'm feeling like an insect hero! Hahaha!).

I'll have to be honest and say that, lately, I haven't been particularly interested in GOG's collection of oldies and classics, as I've been a bit let down by some of them, and have been investing in indies, instead. But releases like Bad Mojo and Harvester are the oldies I care about, the ones that are straight up my alley, and I can't thank GOG enough for releasing these amazing adventure games.