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So when I start the game, full screen mode kicks off. In general that'd be fine, but the right half of the screen is cut off, which is unfortunate, because that is where the menu is located. EDIT: To clarify, the left side of my screen stays black and the game seems to be "pushed" to the right side, so that I can not read the menu items. I can still click on them, but it is guesswork and not ideal. :EDIT-END I can then switch to a window via shortcut, but then the desktop is displayed all sized up and I still can not access everything. Is there a way to set graphics to window mode before starting the game? This might be my TV messing it up, not a real problem with the application, but I'd still like a way to fix it.

'nother EDIT: I guess it is, in fact the monitor either giving or getting some screwed up feedback. Same thing happened for Undying, but there I was able to read the menu items and found a fix in changing screen resolution in the in-game options.
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