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EDIT: Huh, looks like the OST is now included as bonus content!

The soundtrack wasn't included presumably because of legal issues. According to, "The game features a substantial electronic music soundtrack composed and performed by the American electro-industrial artist Xorcist, which has also written soundtracks for other CD-ROM games, notably Iron Helix."

You can buy the music as downloads on Xorcist's website - > use in the in-browser scroll bar to scroll horizontally past the different albums - Phantoms, Bitches, etc. - 'til you see Bad Mojo Disc 1 and 2. ($5 for each album or .35 per song)

It is on YouTube for your listening pleasure, too.

Anybody know if the music is included in the installed files, or if there's a way to extract the music?
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Well they have added it to the goodies and it is big, so thats nice.