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I just wanted to share my experience with the community getting Bad Mojo Redux up and running on the above environment, on Linux using Wine.

I was able to get the application to launch by also installing Quicktime but the video was very choppy and occasionlly would go to a blank black screen in mid video while the audio continued on. After trying various fixes without any success (changing Quicktime settings, installing other versions of quicktime, etc..) I arrived at a better solution.

I started a clean Wine prefix and then using the instructions on the Wine wiki I created a .reg file to associate a native Linux program to the .mov file type in Wine. It's described in section 6.6.3 of the FAQ on the Wine wiki. Also be sure to set .mov file type in Linux to open by default to a media player. In my case .mov files are set to open in mpv player in normal linux.

And that was it! Installing Bad Mojo Redux normally in Wine was the last step, and it ran immediately and with great video preformance. So long as your Linux is set to open .mov files with a compatible videoplayer (such as mpv player, VLC, Xine, etc..) I think it shoud be fine.

Hope this is helpful to the community!

!!*Post Script*!!

Argh! I take it back, you Do Need Quicktime.

I was playing the game fine for a time but then I reached a point where two quicktime movies play back to back and it would consistently crash. Installing Quicktime in Wine fixed the problem.

This post still has some merit however because the mov file registry edit still works with Quicktime installed and makes the movies play well compared to leaving them to Quicktime. Sorry for the misleading topic headline.
Post edited November 21, 2017 by pabstbr