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The 2GB of the developers' commentary file downloads but the modem keeps flashing as if downloading. When I click on the file, it says it is an invalid file. I've downloaded it twice. Anyone else having issues with this file? Thanks
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Yep. I'm having the exact same issue. Never seems to stop downloading and if you pause and restart it, it APPEARS to be finished but you can't open the zip file.

Haven't ever had a problem with the 30+ games plus all extras I've ever downloaded, so there is some odd issue with this file.
Try again guys, I had no problem with them using the gog downloader last month.
I stillh ave this problem
Why are sound files 2 gigs?
BananaJane: I stillh ave this problem
Why are sound files 2 gigs?
Because it's video and not just audio? There are five episodes 350Mb-450Mb each, resolution at 1280x720, and audio at 48k. Bitrate is about 2100kbs.

It's really a miniature playthrough with the developers and writers talking about different aspects of the game.

I began watching them and kinda lost interest.
I just have the problem with REALLY REALLY slow speeds even using the GOG downloader. Im not even passing 1MB. at average i get about 15MB/s so this is weird for me.

Edit: Now its only at 80-100kb/s and is still downloading two hours in still
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