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So, I bought this game on the recent sale and, after completing it, I realized I barely remembered the 3rd one (I hazily remembered something about a train time machine). So I went and downloaded the trilogy, skimmed through the first 2 and watch the 3rd in full.

The funny thing came while watching the 2nd. Hoverboards, flying cars, holograms, etc... the future. All very charming, back when I was a kid, and even now. The thing is, anyone noticed/remembers when this "future" is set? 21st of October, 2015.

2015!!! In three years, where's set to be driving flying cars, get hoverboards, and most importantly, self drying jackets. Anyone got one of those?
Everyone always focuses on the stuff we don't have that the movie said we would have.

But the movie also had a lot of things that we have outgrown. If I recall, it had:

-Phone booths. No cell phones!
-No portable music or video players.
-No computers (computerized stuff, but no computers in the way we know them)
-Their TV's were like projectors, ours are much better now than imagined in the show.
Everybody's focusing on flying cars... That would be terrible, giving easy acess to air vehicles to the general public like that, ground transportation is already killing millions a year!

I'd love to see the "Mr Fusion" though. A strond and stable power source running on garbage? Now that would solve a lot of the world's problems!

Though if the Back to the Fututre series taught us anything it's that there are no easy solutions and even the best intended actions have unforseeable and farreaching consequences :-)
Just about everything they showed is possible now, much of it was possible then hence why they 'foresaw' it. Plus it was intentionally done tongue in cheek because they knew they would have it wrong no matter what. Flying cars could happen but they are way too dangerous.
I'm still holding onto my dream of owning my own hoverboard.

I don't care if it's pink and by Mattel, I would ride that thing to work proud and unashamed.
The creators said they knew they could not accurately predict the future, so they went all out and focused on stuff that seemed fun and crazy to them. They said this on some DVD bonus stuff, I just can't remember if it were in some of the new bonus stuff or the old "making of" feature.
But what I do remember is to prank the viewers they said in the "making of" from back in the day that Mattel did really have built hoverboards and had invented them a few years ago, but decided not to sell them over parent concerns. Of course after that they (and probably Mattel) were bombarded with tons of fan mail demanding to sell them a hoverboard.
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At one point in the second film, Marty is asked to donate money to save the clock tower yet again and the guy who asks him holds out what seems to be a tablet. I thought that was pretty damn cool when I watched the trilogy last week.
BACK TO THE FUTURE LIED TO US ALL! NO FLYING CARS, SELF TYING SHOES, OR CUBS WINNING 2015 SERIES :"'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''(