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Hey there.

I recently bought "Back to the Future" here on GOG. I'm amazed that this release is also localized in German and France.

But it has some "glitches".
1. Some sentences where dubbed with the wrong speaker. For example the 1st Scene in Part 1: Doc reads aloud some formulas from his book, but you hear him mumbeling with mcFlys voice. I'm pretty sure that there is no easy/cheap way to fix this issues, but...

2. It seems that some textures should have been localized. Like the Shield on the Videostore and the Newspapers. They look fine when you play the English game, but they are black when you change the language to German.

Is there a chance that we can have a small patch? I don't need localized textures, i only want to see the original textures.

I hope the GOG Team can fix this. I've bought "Jurassic Park" from "Tell Tale Games". This game has some very serious issues, but they never released a patch.Therefore, I do not trust their support.
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xeniac: I hope the GOG Team can fix this.
Well... I don't think that GOG can fix the wrong dubbing. They're not the developer of the game. They can't tell Christopher Lloyd (or the guy who did it in german) to speak those few lines to add them into the (Telltale's) game ;) And Telltale... Well... I'm sure they're not going to change this.

But maybe GOG can "fix" your second issue. I have BttF on Steam and played it in german. As far as I remember, there were no missing textures on newspapers or stores. I even think the newspapers were written in german... But it's quite a while ago since I last played the game, so I could be mistaken... Hah, no, I looked it up on youtube. The newspapers that are just lying around had english textures, the relevant ones do have german textures. English -> aaaaand german ->

Just ask support about that one. It could be just a problem on your computer (reinstall?), but maybe it's a problem with GOG's files and they can ask Telltale for a fix/repaired files.
Yeah it's rather strange. This issue only occurs in Ep. 1. I'm now at Ep. 4 and had never seen black - missing - textures again.
Got the same problems & switched to english :/