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I wasn't really expecting the extent of rogue-lite elements here, and since there are no other posts mentioning it yet I thought I would gather my findings (so far) and share them. Hopefully it will help anyone playing the game that is a bit confused, or inform anyone deciding to buy the game or not.

If you spend any amount of time playing, you'll see that each "dungeon" area is randomly generated as you enter. Unlike the procedural generation of traditional roguelikes, this seems to be spawned from a bank of hand crafted dungeons. Because of this you may see similar or repeating areas, especially with multiple plays.

The overworld areas have gold and chests scattered about, gold respawns but may have random placement, chests seem to be removed after opening.

After recruiting friends once, they will join you immediately when speaking to them in subsequent new games, assuming you have friend cubes and an open slot.

Gathered gold, items and unlocked doors (through level ups) will carry over to next game. So it is helpful to pick up every single gold you can find as well as recruiting new friends with every new game to increase your star level. Star level is very important, not only will it open the locked doors, but are required for end-game progression.

- I'll add new things I find and/or anything others find and report here. Suggestions will go in another thread as I have a couple already. :)