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Just a few things I thought of while playing so far, I'm not sure how feasible the ideas are but figured I would share them so they are known.

- When approaching friends as another character the game seems to switch you back to the protagonist. I thought I might get a different reaction depending on which character I was using. For instance, approaching the Labiworks CEO as the Manager, I thought there might be a familiar conversation of some sort. Or speaking to the robot in that area as another robot. This might open other paths or info and encourage taking certain friends to certain areas in order to do so.

- Chests can be very underwhelming, it's disappointing to open a chest with a heart at full health, especially when you lose hearts afterward and wish it were still there. I'd like to see a text that says something like "You found a heart! But you don't need it so you put it back". Also I'd love to see burgers randomly added to chests, since it seems you can only buy them once per game (or is it per area?). Maybe only a single burger that goes to the first friend at less than full energy?

- Where is my Grandpa? He disappeared after the first day!

- Controls; I'd like to be able to rebind the fireworks particularly, just because my middle mouse button is a bit finicky. Since the right button doesn't seem to have a function, I'd love to be able to set it there instead. Also an option for cursor selection on the main menu would be nice, just a bit odd to require keyboard input on menus in a FPS game I think.

- Is that kid wearing a wig, or does he just have wacky hair?

- Finally, pat yourself on the back for releasing on GOG before Steam. I hope the game sells very well in both places, I bought on release day even though I had no idea about the game before seeing the interview video on the day of release.
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