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I thought that this would be a cool thread where you post your ideas/uploads of your best fighters/rangers and characters from Avernum. I know I myself like to see which party is more strong when it comes to the last one I made.
I mostly play Avernum BOA when it comes to the old games but when it comes to the new ones, I play Escape from the Pit-Rerelease. Ive completed the rerelease once and am almost finished.

I had a character in my first party of the rerelease named Dawson Riggs, a real badass and ruthless adventurer that succeeded and gave his life to destroy the emperor (which destroyed my party in the process). He wasn't that strong of a character but what made him so deadly was that he wielded the flame blade and used that with Adrenaline rush (giving him 3 attacks). He naturally destroyed most regular and tough enemies in one round but wasn't very good at damaging enemies after that round since he didn't have that high of a strength.

The leader of my 2nd party-Daxen Lovidicus was inspired to me by Minsc from Baldurs Gate Series. He wasn't really smart, just strong as hell and rebellious too. Garzahd didn't like him so he was sent to Avernum. This character was probably much better than my previous one as he dealt heavy damage all the time unlike whenever he launched a mighty blow. He has 45 strength and usually I get scared when he occasionally gets charmed. When you have a character that powerful attacking and slaying the rest of your party, it kind of sucks.

Well I can't be the only person out there thats made some awesome characters. Has anyone else had any cool characters they came up with. These games allow complete party creation and shaping so any takers is welcome.