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I'm having a weird resolution error with Avernum 5 that I can't solve and was hoping maybe someone else has seen this too.

When started, Avernum 5 asks if it can change the graphics resolution, just like all of the older Avernum games (1-4 and Blades of Avernum). Unfortunately on my machine it's not picking the right resolution. Other Avernum games work; 1-3 and Blades properly switch to 800x600 and Avernum 4 properly switches to 1024x768. However, Avernum 5 instead chooses to display at 1280x800 for reasons that I don't understand. It's supposed to pick 1024x768 (indeed, it used to) but now it does not.

I do have some custom resolutions installed via the Custom Resolutions Utility (CRU) I downloaded from, which is where it gets the 1280x800 mode (which is custom, and not provided from the EDID supplied by the monitor). However, removing the EDID override installed by CRU results in the game deciding to instead use 1280x0124.

I can get it to properly switch to 1024x768 if I use the same CRU util to install an EDID override to remove EVERY monitor resolution except for 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, and 1920x1200 (native), so it's NOT a problem with the game itself being unable to request and switch to 1024x768. Unfortunately that also removes a number of actually supported-by-the-manufacturer resolutions (1280x1024 and 1600x1200) from every game on the system, so it's not a long term solution.

Does anyone have any insight in to how the game picks the resolution it wants? I tried emailing support, but got what was essentially a brush off (Jeff doesn't have time to look into it and our old engine was bad at graphics switching anyway).
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