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I bought the Spidersoft bundle in the GOG sale and am so glad I did as I'm absolutely loving the adventures. However, I am a bit confused as to where the new remake Escape from the Pit fits in. I'm looking forward to playing through the Avernum series but don't know whether to start with Avernum which was in the GOG bundle or start with EftP which I'll have to get from Spidersoft as GOG doesn't seem to have it. So before I decide, am I right in thinking that EftP is a modern remake of Avernum 1?

Which leads me to my next area of confusion... The now free downloads of the Exile series. Where do these fit in?

And finally whilst I'm here, does any one know if Nethergate Resurrection is coming to GOG?

Thanks :)
This question / problem has been solved by Waltoriousimage
The Exile games were the first ones. They are quite old. They were later remade as Avernum 1-3. Then, the story continued with Avernum 4-6, which were brand new games. Now, the Avernum 1-3 are getting old, and it can be tough to run them on newer machines (especially newer Macs), so Spiderweb is remaking Avernum 1-3. So far, only the remake of Avernum 1 has been released, and it's called Avernum: Escape From The Pit.

So yes, Escapte From The Pit is a modern remake of Avernum 1, using an engine similar to (identical to?) Avernum 4-6. So you could potentially just start with Escape From The Pit, but if you do that you'll find that Avernum 2 and 3 look much older by comparison. While Avernum 1-3 are oldschool, I think they are excellent games so I'd advise you to just start with those. Then you can have Escape From The Pit to look forward to later, and each game will be slightly newer than the one before so you'll never have to go "backwards" technology-wise.

If you want to wait a while, there will eventually be modern remakes of Avernum 2 and 3 also, but they will probably not be out for a few years, as Spiderweb is currently working on Avadon 2.
Thank you, that has explained it perfectly :) I'll start with Avernum 1 and play through the series and then will still have EftP to look forward to.
Pajama: Thank you, that has explained it perfectly :) I'll start with Avernum 1 and play through the series and then will still have EftP to look forward to.
Captain Johnson gives a wicked grin, its a little disturbing.

"Vicious vermin, I'd love to strangle every one of them."

This might be unrelated and I'm not sure if this line is in the original, but this is my favorite quote so far in any of jeff's games. It leaves you open to laugh and at the same time wonder just how much he's kidding or trying to be funny lol.
There's a line quite close to this one in the very first Exile from the mid-90s. Could be that it's the exact same line, even - but it's been years since I played it, so I don't remember exactly.
I was originally going to narrow it down, then realized that there are beginners vermin type quests in kind of all of them.