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Hey, so I recently bought the Avernum saga off of GOG, and I had various problems getting some of them to work on my Mac: Avernum 2, as well as 4, 5 and 6 ran fine, but I needed to change the Wine version on 1 and 3 to get them to work. That's fine, at least they DO work. But unusually, Blades of Avernum flat out isn't registered. The game opens and runs fine, but in the corner it says it's an unregistered copy, effectively making it no better than the demo. Is there any method of fixing this, or is my copy just messed up?

In addition, I recall there being a "Welcome!" message the first time booting up BoA, and when I reinstalled it to try and fix this, it didn't pop up again. Could this be a save data issue? And if it is, where is the save data stored?

Thanks for any input!
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I am not a Mac user, but I think you should read this thread, even if it concerns another game of the series.

About the registration issue, I think you should try reinstalling the game: as you can see some users said this resolved the problem. Alternatively you should contact support.
Regarding the save files' location, this post should answer your question.