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{talking about the original}

So, I'm mid-game and my party tends to get wiped out by magic attacks. I upped my endurance and that helps a bit, but fire and shock strikes, combined with slow spells tend to overwhelm me when I'm against magic users. Any tips? I have some extra skill points to spare and can grind some more XP easily enough but I'm not sure where to apply them.
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Try raising Luck. The Luck stat, I believe, does the following two things:
1. Increases your defense against magic.
2. Gives you a chance (5% per point, max of 95%) of not dying when you would otherwise be killed by damage. (This actually does feel game-breaking at high values, but getting your Luck that high takes a *lot* of skill points.)

(Note that, in the remake, point 2 no longer applies.)
for stats, yeah endurance is the best choice for resisting magic attacks

there are also items that help with resisting magic and i think fire damages

best strategy for fighting groups with mages is to drop them as fast as you can
haste a fighter and rush the mages or use spells of your own on them

also if the location allows for it you can move behind walls and pillars to block line of sight
since i dont think they cast area spells on locations just on characters directly ( ie fireball )
just make sure they wont be able to move to regain sight of your people
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I'm not sure if mid-game is different than the beginning, I had couple of encounters (lvl 8-10 party) with bats in Bat Cave. At first the killed all 4 chars with fire spells. Then I reloaded my save and got for everyone shield spell from priest and haste spell from mage. This way with shield fire damage wasn't enough to kill 1 char with 1 shot and my priest mass healed everyone while others took bats one by one.
try to buff your party with shield and haste before battle, it really helps.

just wanted to clarify why shield effect is useful. if your priest can cast it at lvl 3 it will give 2 effects - shield and protect from magic. That's why I mentioned it. Also worth trying to spawn many shadows/minions so they will take damage instead of your party.
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