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hi, i own all games because they are really good, ........ but
the latest game seems to have a serious performance problem

i tried both exe files but the result is the same , this game uses too much cpu power, this game should run on a minimum of 800 mhz ?

check attachment: avadon3_highcpu.png

i enlarged 2 parts in the screenshot to make it stand out in the screenshot

technically this high cpu usage should not happen, i have games that have higher min req. and these dont over use the cpu at all. The gpu usage is normal, the cpu should handle it easily but it doesnt, the cpu is not overclocked.

i5 750 quad core 2,67 8 gb ram
nvidia GTS 250 1 GB
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even this problem solved is no solved so this topic can be closed:


Again uninstalled the game ( works a charm) hid it on my shelves and made a note to myself to be very carefull buying games without having played a demo first , the demo i played was very badly optimised
( seems the last 3 or 4 games are CPU heavy ( in my case)

thanks for the replies