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I absolutely love the game, but I noticed few minor annoyances that could greatly enhance the options given to player. Will post more as I remember/see them...

- Robotic Arm (Smart) should also have an option "Pick anything cooked". So you don't need 3 arms for every 3 individual ingredient since I've routed them through grill in such a way that everything that goes through can be picked up by a single Robotic Arm (Smart) if it only had such an option. I mean, all I often care is that the food is cooked, I don't care what type. If that is needed you can still set it, but there is no option to just care that it's cooked, but not what ingredient it is. So you can route bacon, patty, toasts and chicken through the same grill and pick it up by a single Robotic Arm (Smart) in the end. This wouldn't bother me if there weren't a lot of options in the list already, but this one isn't one of them. Conveyor grill is an option, but it consumes 3000W more than regular so there's that...

- Order Reader, when connecting a new device and selecting when the task should be done closes the menu automatically and you have to re-open it to change the number of tasks it should issue. It's not end of the world, but it's a lot of extra clicking.

- Deleting saves in SAVE or LOAD menu always closes the menu, almost defeating the purpose of BACK button in those menus. It should only auto close only if you're in LOAD menu and you press delete on last remaining save (since there is nothing to load then and no reason to stay in the menu).
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I agree that the point you address in paragraph 3 is annoying but thankfully there is a way around it. Rather than click the mode then reopen the menu to click the number use the mouse wheel to select both the mode and number then click on either of them.

I would also like to add a two different quailty of life improvment I would like to see.

Every time you complete a puzzle and exit you loose your current solution. I would like to see it automaticly saved in a dedicated slot as the last opened solution. Alternativly it could be done the way Opus Magnum does it where you have to choose a save slot before you open the puzzle.

Secondly if you save a blueprint and use a machine that isn't available in a certain level you cant use the blueprint. I however would prefer to access the blueprint and just have that one machine left out. To beter descirbe what I mean I created a size efficient system to make plain burgers and included a "Order Reader" but when I went into the level to make 50 burgers in 2 minutes I couldn't even see the blueprint because the "Order Reader" is an invalid machine for that level.
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I agree with all of the above. Great game, some minor flaws, been hugely enjoying myself.

There is one thing, however, that I would like to add as well:
Robots' parking position is on the drop-off end, which to me does not make any sense. Whenever there is anything ready to pick, it has to wait for the robot to turn around, adding an extra bit of latency for no reason that I could think of.

I think this behaviour should be flipped, so a robot starts facing the pick-up way, and returns there after it's dropped an item off, so it's ready to grab right away.