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New Year card:

Hello, friends!

Soon, this year will end. And what a great year it was! We spent it together, perfecting ATOM through your suggestions and observations. The game became larger, much more polished and user friendly. It’s all thanks to you.

We want to close this wonderful year just like we spent it. That means posting another pack of bugfixes (see changelog below) and a little something for those of you who liked our previous in-game events. This time it’s a winter-themed one, where you will set out into the inhospitable Mountain Pass of Woes to eradicate a tribe of malformed, mutated snowmen for a chance to get new items including two fun little weapons and some hats.

As always, if in-game events aren’t your thing and you want to keep your game well away from such light-hearted additions, you can simply turn off the festive content with a single mouse click in the menu as shown below.

Thank you for a year of helpful feedback. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Let all of your wishes come true! As for us, we have only one wish: Let there be ATOM!

Changelog for version 1.11:
[*] Controller controls improved and associated controller bugs fixed;
[*] Changed bridge behavior in the Mountain Pass of Woes;
[*] Dunya’s quest bug fixed;
[*] Error in Dan’s dialogue fixed;
[*] Companions no longer equip whole stacks of items;
[*] Caravan rescue signal quest fixed;
[*] Getting stuck in Peregon doors fixed;
[*] Fixed a rare issue where Katya and Kovalev dialogue didn’t happen;
[*] Érror with Drunken Lair inhabitants attacking Player if Factory gang was killed off by him;
[*] Various bugs with floating or disappearing items fixed;
[*] Typos fixed, most problematic dialogues improved stylistically;
[*] Smoking animation fixed;
[*] New option “Display Player location” added to menu.