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Dear friends!

Finally the moment has come, when our game ATOM RPG is completely finished. In this update we balanced out melee weapons, added to the enemy AI, finalized all of the quests that were left unsolved in the previous update. The main thing, however, is the change of Dead City into a place full of new, unique characters with their own stories and quests. The map is now filled with points of interest and new locations. To see the list of all changes, scroll to the end of this post now.

We would like to use this post mostly to thank you all for the motivation, unique ideas, kind words of praise and endless support. We told this to you multiple times now, yet these words never lost their sincerity and meaning for us: without you, there would be no game, especially of this magnitude. You, our dear players, are the ones who shaped it starting with Kickstarter and the Early Access versions.

This final version of the game is truly your achievement, as much as it is ours.

And the work doesn’t stop here. Our next project will be a stand-alone add-on to the game, code-named Trudograd. It will hopefully hit Steam later this year. Until that time, we will share news of porting Atom to other platforms, translating it to other languages, and of course the development process of the new add-on.

Thank you for being with us, and we really hope that you will continue this journey we got planned out.

Let there be ATOM!

- 20+ New locations;
- 40+ New unique characters;
- 20+ New quests;
- Several kinds of new enemies including two types with unique AI behavior;
- Added new AI tweaking support for modders;
- Several new random encounters;
- New craft armor made out of chitin;
- New combat armor and spiked “Hedgehog” helmet;
- Throwing weapons, both custom and common;
- One new firearm and a special melee weapon;
- New global map for the metro;
- New hazards, including a radioactive sandstorm;
- New animations;
- New loading screen art;
- New sounds and effects;
- Several usable items can now be used multiple times from main slots without entering the inventory menu;
- Dzhulbars has an ability to speak in certain conditions;
- Stun works on enemies that were immune to it;
- Other new minor gameplay enhancing features;
- All of the bugs from the older version found by the testing team and the players are now fixed;
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Thank you for continuing improving the game and Dead City location especially !
Wow, that's much bigger than expected. From previous descriptions, I assumed 2-3 new locations in dead city at the most - not 20+ new locations!

Bigger also in terms of file size - updating via Galaxy will download 6.5 GB!! My offline files for 1.08 are a tad under 7 GB - so either there's an entire new game's worth of added content, or Galaxy has some problems with updates (again)...

Even compensating for dodgy-patchy-Galaxy, that's sure to still be a ton of new stuff. So thanks again for updating an already impressive game with even more stuff!
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Patch (1.085 fix to 1.1) ask for disk: have only exe file and miss bin.

P.S. Second part of Patch added. It have full install size as expected.
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Hey, change log for 1.101-1.103 here:

- Fixed hazmat suit, now can be worn and taken off normally;
- Fixed Dzhulbars' skill tree;
- Fixed MOROZKO suitcase quest;
- Fixed random encounter balance in Metro;
- Fixed global metro map;
- Fixed locations in metro, additional effects, new loot;
- Giant ant encounter fixed;
- Pressing esc or space now only skips through one video in the final cinematic;
- Old sorting through allies returned;
- Alf's biography revamped;
- Update animations for Kovalev;
- Minor gameplay fixes;
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Hey guys! Change log for 1.104:

- New random encounter on the Metro global map;
- Three characters that didn't make it in the Update;
- New full-screen modes in the game;
- New item "Mining helmet";
- Fixed the crafting bug (resources weren't spent);
- Food and meds are now spent when used ''in hands'';
- Fixed the bug with the infinite grenades that some characters had;
- Fixed 3d model occlusion;
- Fixed the inventory bugs;
- Fixed the Gavrilovs quest;
- Fixed the Maniac quest;
- Characters don't fall through the floor in the Dead City after their death;
- Fixed a caravan bug in the Gas Station Fortress;
- A LOT of minor bugs are fixed.