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Hello Dev Team!

I hope you're actively reading here on GoG Forums. I'd like to suggest some improvements to crafting recipes:

The Molotov Cocktail

- Replace the piece of headgear (Bandana/Scarf) slot from the recipe with "ripped clothes" / "rags".
This could also be applied onto recipes where there is a special type of cloth needed like the crossbow or the rucksack

- Add the ability to rip up everything made out of fabric into "ripped clothes" / "rags"
This would make collecting hats, scarfs, masks etc. more useful

- Also replace the diesel with some more volatile fuel like alcohol (all the pre-war drinks).
I don't think, that diesel would work in real life to build a Molotov due to the low volatility.
Or maybe add it to the recipe as an additional ingredient - maybe to inflict more damage / burn longer.

Stews / Soups / Pastry

There are already meat, corn, potatoes, carrots, pickles, beetroots, cabbage, shrooms, onions, cheese, milk, salt, and even apples available in game.

Why not simply add some nice, fancy soups, stews and pastry recipes?


Mix up meat, potatoes, roots and onions to make a meatstew - maybe even more complex recipes. The interaction menu at the campfire is not limited to "just 4" ingredients AFAIK.

This would also involve some rebalancing like lowering the nutrition of the base ingredients if eaten raw and adding some fancy bonus stats like +2 ST for 2h to the crafted meals ...

Maybe also add the possibility to preserve the cooked food. There are at least glass bottles available which could do a sufficient job for this purpose.


Speaking of so much vegetables let me think:

Why the heck are there so much vegetables - but only thing I can grow is silly corn !?

Well thats it for now. Any feedback to this?
Post edited January 27, 2019 by the_mister_banana
Hello Mr. banana
Thank you for support our game.
All excellent recommendations and suggestions...if game in ruin Deutschland...

Do you think when you sitting at campfire with bandit guys and start talking about baking a pastry that they gonna say "thank you kind sir, your baked napoleon very tasty and i feel stonk now!" No. Maybe they make you wear dress and dance around fire for them while they play balakai and drink wodka. Then later you go in woods with them for hunting mushrooms. One at time.

Seriously banana. Your post is silly even coming from a german.

Soviet-types eat potato. they eat old pickled cucumbers and cabbage and they are happy.
Okay, not happy, but with belly full of something. Then they kill bacteria in belly with wodka.

You want to grow more than corn? Go play a farming sim.

Your "improvements" are duly noted
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