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The last patch (10.83) was a big one, does a dev care to share what changes or news this patch has ?
Thank you.
This question / problem has been solved by Alpha_Guardianimage
Well, I came here to ask the same question. Bumping up!
The wiki generally has the latest patch notes in case you can't find them here.

-Fixed journal freezing;
-Fixed re-specking;
-Krasnoznamenny. Vladislav Zhirenko. Fixed no exp bug;
-New recipes now available at several vendors: Gunar in Peregon, Abraham in Krasnoznamenny, Factory merchant;
-Fixed Dunya's quest, it's now available even if you didn't speak in the Factory;
-Fixed Bathory belonging to the Peregon faction;
-Fixed the issue with point distribution using the SHIFT key;
-Added localization options;
-Fixed Gylchatai not having skill tree;
-Added remastered versions of several portraits.
Still the patch was like 2.2 GB and I think is more to it, than is writed on WIKI page. :)
Anyway I was just curios :)
@Alpha_Guardian. Thanx for the heads up !