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Changelog for Patch 1.073 (added 29 January 2019) was posted here by the devs.

Changelog for Patch 1.08 (added 21 March 2019):

* Quality of life improvements - your recommendations were heard and implemented in the new inventory and follower systems;
* Improved English translation thanks to you, our players, and a wonderful writer Scott Hamm who worked on such titles as “Age of Decadence” and “Battle Brothers”;
* Better balance and weapon stats;
* Changes into the ability tree;
* New weapons;
* New AI features;
* New follower settings including friendly fire settings;
* New graphic effects;
* New graphic elements (icons, portraits, items, in-game art);
* New sounds for items and weapons;
* New animations, including a special martial arts move you may learn;
* New item with the ability to reset your stats and skills;
* Dozens of new characters with unique dialogues, portraits and quests;
* A quest line that can be tackled by joining any one of the two new factions;
* New maps;
* New random encounters;
* Improved game stability;
* Option to change the item highlight color;
* New achievements;
* Tons of bug fixes;
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Changelog for Patch 1.084 - 1.085 (added 15 April 2019):

* Yan, multiple bugs fixed;
* Container Yard area - multiple bugs and pathing issues fixed;
* Car getting stuck or blocked bug fixed;
* New NPC portraits added and some old ones remastered;
* Pickpocket bugs fixed;
* Shield + Pistol rare bug fixed;
* New item icons added;
* Fixed ammo not being used when shooting in a dialogue option;
* Factory NPC Old Man dialogue fixed;
* VILa not being recognized by companions as enemy fixed;
* Stas dialogue fixed;
* Fanatics not equiping shields when they have them fixed;
* Crossbows highliting when they should not be doing so fixed;
* Can now attack area of selection on global map;
* Various texts improved;
* A ton more smaller bugs fixed
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Changelog for Update 1.1 (added 30 May 2019) was posted here by the devs.

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Changelog for Update 1.103 (added 03 June 2019):

- Fixed hazmat suit, now can be worn and taken off normally;
- Fixed Dzhulbars' skill tree;
- Fixed MOROZKO suitcase quest;
- Fixed random encounter balance in Metro;
- Fixed global metro map;
- Fixed locations in metro, additional effects, new loot;
- Giant ant encounter fixed;
- Pressing esc or space now only skips through one video in the final cinematic;
- Old sorting through allies returned;
- Alf's biography revamped;
- Update animations for Kovalev;
- Minor gameplay fixes.

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Changelog for Update 1.104 (added 10 June 2019):

- New random encounter on the Metro global map;
- Three characters that didn't make it in the Update;
- New full-screen modes in the game;
- New item "Mining helmet";
- Fixed the crafting bug (resources weren't spent);
- Food and meds are now spent when used ''in hands'';
- Fixed the bug with the infinite grenades that some characters had;
- Fixed 3d model occlusion;
- Fixed the inventory bugs;
- Fixed the Gavrilovs quest;
- Fixed the Maniac quest;
- Characters don't fall through the floor in the Dead City after their death;
- Fixed a caravan bug in the Gas Station Fortress;
- A LOT of minor bugs are fixed.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelogs for:
- Update 1.105 (added 24 June 2019),
- Update 1.106 (added 08 July 2019),
- Update 1.107 (added 16 July 2019), and
- Update 1.108 (15 August 2019) and +Update 1.1081
posted in the game forum by the devs.

Linux standalone installer not updated yet, Windows and Mac OS updated to 1.1081: 16 August 2019.
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