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Hello, friends!

Today, we would like to share with you the version 1.1096 patch and some news about the Atom RPG translation project.

Many players asked us to translate it into their native languages. However, due to the sheer amount of text in the game and therefore exorbitant translator fees, this endeavor was never possible for our small team.

But then, some of our players, who specialized in certain languages contacted us and offered their help, and asked us only for what our team could provide.

Here’s the status of their works:

Chinese translation by the amazing "游侠LMAO汉化组" is fully complete.

Three translations are 30% to 50% complete: Polish, French, German.
Three more translations were recently started: Turkish, Italian, Japanese.

We are very thankful to you all!

It is important to note, that since none of us speaks any of the aforementioned languages, we really cannot tell the translation quality. We also do not know the release dates for upcoming translations. These are fan-driven projects, and the teams work in their spare time. However, judging by our interactions with our various translation teams, they are goal-set, hard working folks, and we’re almost sure they’ll do great. We never hoped for such an amazing amount of help from our players.

Now, the changelog for the patch:

- Item duplication bug fixed;
- Overload bug fixed;
- Spelling errors found by players fixed;
- Misc. item description typos fixed;
- Minor overworld map animation issues fixed;
- Very rare sound freezing on global map bug fixed;
- Fixed a very rare crash in Peregon.

Thank you for sticking with us and let there be ATOM!






1. 添加中文
2. 已修复负重过量的问题;
3. 已修复热心玩家发现的拼写错误;
4. 已修复杂项物品的描述错误;
5. 已修复小地图动画问题。
6. 已修复世界地图声音卡顿的问题;
7. 已修复在佩雷刚会出现游戏崩溃的问题。
8. 已修复道具复制的问题;

Please edit and add Chinese in the description of languages on the store page soon.