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high rated
Hi, guys! It's time for a new update: 1.106. And here's the changelog for it:

- Achievement getting is now fixed for GOG Galaxy;
- Optimized game;
- Fixed random encounters in Dead City, now you can be attacked while resting;
- Fixed exit zone in the Institute location;
- Fixed doubling of characters in Red Fighter;
- Sveklana bug pack fixed;
- Inventory screen getting stuck is fixed;
- Kovalev's Car quest fixed;
- Electra's quest fixed;
- Three brothers quest location fixed;
- Added more save game slots;
- Random encounters that were not available before fixed and added properly;
- Lots of spelling errors removed, writing edited;
- Many minor fixes;
Thanks guys,

much needed! Very strange things happened since the last update ... :(
d_martynenko, thank you and all members of AtomTeam for your continued work on this wonderful project. I am enjoying the 65-track remastered soundtrack (FLAC format) from the 'Supporters Pack'.

Hopefully, GOG will have the updated Linux self-extracting script (along with the Windows and Mac installers) available for download within the next few days. (^_^)
Good to hear, thanks for the update.