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Ahem, trying this again since my first post was truncated — I learned the hard way that emojis aren't supported in these forums (and that I should double check the posted text every time) :D


GREETINGS DEAR GOG COMMUNITY! As this is my first update here, I'd like to leave you basic information and brief news about the current status of Asylum.

First, thank you for the overwhelming support — I got word from GOG that the game had a very strong wishlisting on its first day, and happened to be one of the most popular news on the site for several days. We're off to a great start!

Next, some social links to keep in touch with us and learn all the latest news as fast as you can scream:


In fact, I must encourage you to visit our Discord community, now with over 1700 merry members! It's easily become one of the most active communities of adventure game fans :)

And now, the nitty gritty of Asylum:

- We reached a big milestone in December, finally delivering a fully playable demo of the game to all our Kickstarter backers. Reactions have been hugely positive: this is the game people have been expecting and a worthy follow-up to Scratches.
- Backers reported that performance is top notch, so even people with older computers will be able to enjoy the game. Even modest ultraportables with 4GB of RAM and those ubiquitous Intel HD 3000 chipsets will be able to handle Asylum just fine. Mind you, we still have several optimizations left to do!
- We seem to have hit a stride recently crushing milestone after milestone, so we feel comfortable enough to share our general schedule: the toolset and engine framework we need to complete the game are 99% done, as is the case with the majority of assets. Essentially, what remains is implementing the game logic (puzzles, interactions with the environment, additional writing, etc), and this is proving to be fast.
- Currently, we’re expecting to have 50% of the game fully playable in late February. A complete beta, meaning Asylum will be playable from beginning to end with all bells and whistles, is expected around May. So a release in late 2019 is quite doable, and rest assured we’ll give this goal our very best! We’ll try to pinpoint the exact date as soon as possible.

In short, the outlook for the project is better than ever and we couldn’t be more excited! Asylum is coming along exactly as we expected and we can’t wait to finally see you playing the game.

In the meantime, stay tuned for news, stick around, and feel free to ask me any questions. Cheers!
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What?! Umm... the entire post is missing. Please don't tell me there was a character limit.
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Agustin: What?! Umm... the entire post is missing. Please don't tell me there was a character limit.
I believe there's a character limit but it's quite generous and WAY more than your initial post. You could try posting in two parts. :)
No, the issue was an emoji that silently truncated the post. I deleted the draft after posting, but I should have double checked the text.
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OK, I fixed the original post with all the missing info! Now we have a proper update.