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Asura Patch Notes
We will be updating this thread with all the fixes & changes for Asura.
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April 2017

Build ID 27263 - 14th April
- Fixed keyboard attack button "A" was not functional.
- Fixed an issue with a boss animation.
- Fixed some localization issues.
- Added Support for MadCatz GamePad, Xbox Bluetooth Gamepad & Logitech F510 GamePad.


Build ID 27289 - 16th April
- Removed Auto-lock on breakables when in combat.
- Changed the requirements for unlocking Asura Characters. You don't need to select the upgrades anymore.
- Decreased the hit box size of the bonfire/torch.
- Decreased the cost of Matka and Jaddi Butti in Dukaan.
- Increased the amount of Matka and Jaddi Butti in Dukaan.
- Shaitan (easy) difficulty will not burn your weapons anymore.
- Removed the stun passive for hero units. We are working on this feature and will reintroduce it later with a proper fix and balance.
- Fixed an issue where in a lag would occur when accessing inventory via the pause menu.
- Reduced the left analog stick sensitivity by 50%. We will be adding a slider to customize the sensitivity in the next update.
- Fixed some of the grammatical mistakes.
- Fixed the text blurring issues on some UI elements.


Build ID 27293 (Hotfix) - 16th April
- Reduced the Left analog stick sensitivity to 25%.
- Fixed a save file related issue where in the UI wouldn't relfect the correct number of keys stored after saving the game.


Build ID 27323 - 18th April
- You can now forge weapons in Lohaar ( Item forge room)
- Implemented display of boss health bar in Shaitan Difficulty(normal mode)
- Implemented Controller sesitivity slider under gameplay settings.
- Added Controller sensitivity for D-pad.
- Fixed Yodha Shastra text in Shastra tree.
- Naga bosses Heal ability nerfed and health reduced.
- Fixed an issue with Suraksha shastra (100% quiver drops) where in it would also trigged when scavenging magic units.
- Removed the shastra tree highlight in the stats.
- Fixed an issue where enemy unit type where labelled incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue where in continuing a saved game would show incorrect floor at the level complete screen.


Build ID 27323 (Hotfix) - 18th April
Fixed OS X crashes and other issues.


Build ID 27362 - 19th April
- Disabled 'Auto Lock-On' on Bonfire.
- You can now destroy Bonfire with one range attack for loot.
- When you collide with the bonfire, it will get destroyed.
- Fixed the hit box of Asura, Asura projectiles, and enemy projectiles.
- Fixed tons of textual errors in the Shastra Tree. It should now communicate the functionality of spells much more accurately.
- Fixed an issue where Lacheela would not block range attacks like Glaives or Bola.
- Added a text description tab for each difficulty stating it's challenges.
- Optimized some of the VO Audio files.
- Fixed an issue where in Asura would get stuck when casting spells.
- Implemented percentile stats for Move speed.
- Fixed an issue where in Swastya Hathoda (Hammer life-steal spell) and Vidyut (Lightning Strike) would freeze the game.
- Fixed an animation related glitch with certain spells when equipped with a magic item.
- Fixed a navigation related issue under General Leader-board tab.
- Increased the Sona requirement for Kalatma(heal for gold) to 30 Sona, upgrade to 20 Sona.
- Fixed English and Chinese localization for some of the Shastras.
- Fixed some of the issues with Naga Chakravyu ( Naga Range Champion)
- Added support for GPD Win.


Build ID 27440 - 22nd April

What's new!

- Asura can now Sprint/Run even faster while holding down the Sprint button.
- Added an option to swap LMB and RMB for Keyboard and Mouse configuration
- Added new SFX for dropping consumables, Deva and Naga death Voice, UI transitions in the end screen, Asura death and more.
- Added WASD Beta controls in WASD branch.
- Added Camera rotation and Camera Shake settings in the Character Selection Screen.
- Your skill tree won't reveal itself until you reach level 1.

Due to the addition of a new feature under the Controls Settings, all your previous Key configuration would have automatically changed to default. Please rebind the keys again as per your liking.
Game Balance
- Increased the chance to acquire melee weapon by tweaking the algorithm of room generation.
- Bonfire will now drop 100% Loot.
- Decreased the cost of items at Dukaan (Shop).
- Decreased the cost of Lohaar (Blacksmith).
- Increased the amount of keys and quivers in Dukaan (Shop).
- Decreased the damage of Anathema ( fireball exploding from enemy on death) spell.
Patch Log
- Fixed an issue where in Sheild Elephant Infantry would not block Boomerang and other items when using it with certain skills.
- Added Sheild Elephant Infantry Blocked status in event log.
- Fixed an issue in Chest Enemy Room where it would roll at the same place.
- Changed the layout of the HUD.
- Fixed English localization in Veda.
- Fixed Chinese localization.
- Fixed an error where in some of the skill text had incorrect numerics.
- Fixed an issue where in Controls woulld Save regardless of Saving it.
- Fixed an issue where in Totem's where labelled with an Enemy Unit's name.
- Changed the Run animation speed.
- Fixed an issue where in combating with Yartiga & Vami ( The Twin Monkey Boss) would not display an additional HP bar.
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April 2017 Continued

Build ID 27497 - 24th April

Balance and New features
- Weapon will not destroy any more, regardless of the difficulty. Only your armour will. Why? because we hear you!
- Changed the selection/highlight for enemies and color coded it. Purple for Magic enemies, Red for Melee enemies and Green for Range enemies.
- Increased the Parivartan cost to 15. No more can you break the game by earning unlimited gold using it in conjunction with Hadapan.
- Decreased the damage output of enemies in higher levels.

Increased the Arrow capacity of the following Asuras:
- The Rakshas of Yodha: 40 arrow capacity
- The Rakshas of Chalak: 80 Arrow Capacity

- Fixed the black screen issue which occurred after the last update, due to swapping left click and right click buttons.
- Fixed hitbox issues with traps. Now they will actually KILL you if you are not careful!
- Fixed an issue where in the Daeva Chakravyu/Deadly Rollers in level 5 would sink in the ground.
- Fixed an issue where in enemies would run off the room in Level 5.
- Fixed an issue where in projectiles would penetrate through walls.
- Fixed some of the issues with the wall colliders in the rooms.
- Fixed the Aukaad screen where in bosses death stat would not register properly even after killing all of them.
- Fixed localization issues with chinese.
- Fixed a shader issue which would cause the portals in level 5 to appear even during the death screen.
- Fixed an issue with camera angle which would cause the camera to not revert back to it's original position once bosses have been killed. (Camera rotation turned off)
- Tons of other minor bugs and UI fixes!

Due to fixes & changes to the controls and level generation, the controls and the current save game would be reset. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Coming Soon!
- We are currently working on the WASD controls for the game.
- You will be able to switch between the Mouse controls and the WASD controls via the game's Setting option.
- We are working to make sure that you can enjoy Asura only with a mouse. This is for people with disabilities.

Known Issues we need your help with!

There is an issue reported where in when you cast a skill, Asura and the enemy will get stuck in the level.


Build ID 27498 (Hotfix) - 26th April
- Fixed an loading issue on playing Asura (Hardcore) difficulty.


Build ID 27655 - 30th April

What's New!

-Implemented WASD Control Scheme. Now you can use Keyboard to move and Mouse to look-at and shoot.
-Implemented extensive rebinding option for WASD.
-Now you can play the game only with the Mouse if you have a Mouse with additional buttons.
-Added an option to choose between WASD Control Scheme or Mouse Control scheme.

-Added a close button in the UI for Dukaan (Shop) and Lohaar (Blacksmith).
-Improved the text quality in the some of the User Interface in the game.
-Polished tons of User interface elements in the game.

Game Balance
-Anyaay Shastra (Increase damage based on enemy in the room) duration is now time based instead of room based.
-Nirdaya Shastra (decrease enemy hp in the room) duration is now time based instead of room based.
-Bajrangi Claws will now have 50% instead of 100% chance to execute Vanara (Monkey) Enemies.
-Sacrifical Chest will now consume more Health based on the difficulty.
-Bosses drop 2 items and additional consumbales. MORE REWARDS! :)
-Optimized the difficulty via changing the algorithm for the room generation when playing in Asura difficulty.
-Reduced the damage of Nishana (Bow weapon which fires two arrows consecutively).
-Optimized the cost of Dukaan (Shop) items.

Patch Log

-Fixed an issue where in animation would play in inventory
-Fixed an issue where in Dukaan ( Shop) UI would overlap with Inventory UI
-Fixed an issue where in shop item would restock after save and load.
-Fixed an issue where in skill targeting radial would go out of room.
-Fixed an issue with Guardian room where in projectiles had a chance to kill you during the cut scene.
-Fixed an issue where in enemies would run out of room.
-Fixed an issue with enemy animation where in they would get stuck during certain attack animation.
-Fixed an issue where in Rakt(Life-steal) Shastra would not work with Melee weapons.
-Fixed an issue where in using 'Swastya Hathoda' Shastra ( the one where you throw hammer and if it kills, it heals you) would freeze the game when using agains the rats in Level 3.
-Fixed an issue where in Lord Bhadra's ( Naga Range Boss) heal reticle would follow you even after intrupting him using a spell.
-Fixed an issue where in 'Golmanda' (Boomerang) would not return after using against Elephant Shield Unit.
-Fixed an issue where in anathema wouldn't work when using spells to kill enemies.
-Fixed an issue where in Samartha' Naga Melee Champion would not die.

Some players have notified us regarding the compatibility issue with Xbox one controller on Win 10. We have reduced the sensitivity of the D-pad in the hopes to resolve this issue. However, Xbox One controllers on Win 10 will work best with the latest update (V. 10.0.14393.0)

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May 2017

Build ID 27657 - 3rd May

Patch Log
- Fixed an issue where in Spearman units would get stuck near the wall in their run animation
- Fixed an issue where in Asura would go out of rooms.
- Polished some UI transition effects.
- Fixed an issue where in the Boss unlock UI would not be aligned properly.
- Fixed an issue where in Projectiles would fly out of room.

Regarding the Win 10 and Xbox One Controller Issue:
We made some changes to the Xbox One controller settings and we hope it works with all Win 10 version. However, Xbox One controller works best in Win 10 with latest patch v.10.0.14393.

There is a known bug with the Xbox One controller and Windows 10 with Unity 3D engine.

Please try the below instructions and do let us know if it works fine.
- Open Device Manager
- Right Click "Xbox One Controller"
- Select Update Driver Software
- Browse on my PC
- Let me pick from a list
- "Microsoft Xbox One Controller"

What's Next!
We are now working on Keyboard Only Control Scheme for the game.
This update is for Win & Linux version only.


Build ID 27662 - 3rd May
After the recent introduction of the WASD control scheme, players got a bit confused and thought that new controls was only for Keyboard.

This is actually not what we intended. In order to clear out the confusion we have renamed the scheme and improved the UI in the latest patch

We are now calling the control scheme:
- Control Scheme A - Enables Keyboard to move and use shortcuts. Mouse to look-at, Attack and Switch weapon.
- Control Scheme B - Enables Mouse to move and attack, Keyboard for shortcuts.

Patch Log
- Changed the UI for Configuring Control Scheme for better user experience.
- Changed the names of the Control Scheme.
- Fixed binding issues with certan keys with regards to the new control scheme.
- Fixed an issue where in Alternate attack (A) was not working when using the Mouse and Keyboard Controls.

As mentioned previously, we will be introducing Only Keyboard Controls soon.


Build ID 27761 - 7th May

Patch Log
- Added Control Scheme C which enables you to play the game only with the Keyboard.
- Changed the tech for the text in the Shastra Screen. Fonts are much more crisp and the description is much more informative. Shastra screen is much more optimized.
- Improved the text quality in HUD buttons.
- Made quality improvements of fonts for Status overlays, item drop, enemy death labels etc.
- Changed the Shastra Screen Camera from panning to Static to improve readibility and user experience.
- Fixed Jaal Leg armour (Immune to traps). It will now only provide immunity from spike and monkey traps.
- Fixed and reworked on some of the achievements and it's decription.
- Fixed navigation issues when using keyboard in Control Config screen.
- Added save prompt when saving the keyboard config
- Added a warning when selecting the default settings in Control Config screen.

What's next
Some of our players have reported issues with the game in low end systems. We are now trying to optimize it so that everyone get's to enjoy the game.


Build ID 27845 - 17th May

Patch Log:
- Fixed an issue wherein Varjuna ( Daeva Archer Boss) would get stuck when in combat.
- Fixed an issue wherein Sloth Achievement would be attainable after save and exit. It was an exploit.
- Fixed an issue wherein the 'NO' button for New Game Warning Tab wouldn't work.
- Fixed an issue which would occur when boss death and a spell would activate at the same time.
- Fixed an issue wherein Balvaan (Hammer weapon) wouldn't play the SFX when it would slam the ground.
- Increased the speed of Ghor Parikrama ( Death from above) Shastra sequence.
- Fixed an issue wherein Monkey would even evade while stunned.
- Fixed an issue wherein the fireballs of Anathema Shastra would act like act like a boomerang weapon.
- Fixed an issue wherein Matka and Jaddi Butti could be used for an indefinite amount of times.
- Fixed an issue with Leaderboard.
- Fixed an issue wherein saving and loading the game would not display the item drops in Mini-map.
- Fixed an issue wherein Totems shot by fireballs would be visible even after destroying the Totems.
- Fixed an issue wherein Guardian room icon would overlap with another icon in Mini-map
- Fixed an issue wherein Asura footsteps could be heard when using a Magic weapon.
- Fixed an issue wherein Yartigaa & Vamii ( Vanara Boss) marker would sink partially in the ground.
- Fixed an issue with Lohaar exit button when using a controller.
- Fixed an issue wherein the Hit Particle in Totem would appear outside the mesh.
- Fixed error/typo in the loading screen.

Apart from these new fixes, if you recollect, we had a Beta running for about a week which had many other improvements, fixes, as well as the Keyboard only controls. We have moved all those changes to the current version.

Here is the patch log of the beta:
- Fixed an issue where in Hahthira Vayraath (Elephant Beamer) wouldn't die when using Vyakujit Kavach (Blast Shield).
- Optimized the game and decreased it's RAM usage. We are hopeful that players with low RAM should also be able to play Asura optimally. However, we recommend that you have at least 2 GB of - Free Memory available while playing Asura.
- Fixed an issue where in Varjun would get stuck when Asura would cast a spell on him.
- Fixed an issue where the invisible wall would generate in levels.
- Tons of UI fixes and polish.
- Fixed an issue where in spells like Swastya Hathoda would not work as intended if the targeted enemy would die before it hit them.
- Added back button for Lohaar (Black Smith) and Dukaan (Shop) when using Control Scheme C.
- Fixed an issue where in Footsteps wouldn't sound as intended when sprinting or moving at high speed.
- Changed the name of the various traps in the game.
- Fixed an issue where in Melee weapon abilities would work with a ranged weapon.
- Fixed an issue where in pots or breakables would provide experience orbs after reaching Maximum Level.
- Fixed an issue where in Camera would lose focus from Asura resulting in a black screen.
- You can now roll and destroy destructible. Yes, we too are big fans of DARK SOULS! :)


Build ID 27855 - 24th May
Patch Log:
- Each Matka (fire extinguishing item) and Jaddi Butti ( Cure Poison Item) has 3 charges now.
- Your items should endure much longer.
- Fixed an issue where bosses would get stuck during some animations.
- Fixed an issue wherein Abhizitta Shastra (Freeze ward) could be cast simultaneously during certain scenarios.
- Tons of UI fixes and polish.
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June 2017

Build ID 27858 Hotfix - 1st June
Patch Log:
- Fixed an issue wherein Boss would sink in the ground.
- Fixed an issue wherein Asura was able to enter the Final Boss Room through the door due to a problem with the collider.
- Fixed an issue wherein Hasirama (Final Boss) would glitch during the dialogue cinematic.


Build ID 27866 - 13th June
Patch Log:

- Added Manual Camera Rotation option. Now you can manually rotate the camera clockwise or counter-clockwise. Please do note that this option can trigger nausea or motion sickness.
- Resized the HUD to improve the gameplay experience.
- Fixed an issue wherein Boss would get stuck in their combat animation when Asura would cast a spell.
- Added an option to disable Tips/Hints which appear on the corridor.
- Rebalanced the cool down attribute for many Active and Combat skills.
- Reduced the freeze duration for Abhizitta (Frost Ward) from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
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July 2017

Build ID 27897 - 4th July
Patch Log:
-Champion system unlock redesign.
-Fixed an issue wherein the Gold chest would respawn after saving & loading.
-Fixed an issue with some Mini-map icons after saving & loading.
-Fixed an issue wherein stun particle effect would appear on dead enemies.
-Fixed a problem with resurrection mechanic. If you entered an unexplored enemy room after resurrecting by dying in a Boss or Champion room, the enemy rooms would be empty.

Build ID 27911 (Hotfix)- 21st July
Patch Log:
-Fixed an issue where opening inventory using pause screen would unpause the game.
-UI and Bug fix.
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August 2017
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Sept 2017
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Oct 2017
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