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First thing first, thank all the Devs for this amazing game, I love it!

Please consider adding the option to respect job selection, so that we can tryout all the build possibilities. I spend 25 hours to find out that I royaly gimped 4 of my characters and have no way to fix it. I have to replay the whole game again to reach the same point and still have to grind again later. I still have no idea how some skills will interact with each other just by reading their descriptions (Like Counter Plus and Magic Counter, or whether Omni Ignore stakes). A lot of skills are locked until post-game, and there is no way to plan it ahead.

With respec, we can have more party compositions and more flexible skill sets. New players will have much easier time experimenting all the skill combinations without worrying making a permanent mistake.

Thank you in advance!
Agreed. I just got to the point where I could choose classes for my team and I had no idea what to pick. I read that there are no respecs, so it makes the decision very difficult. Rather than just playing and experimenting, I've had to do a lot of investigation.

Put an item in the shop that you can buy so you can give a respec to a character. This way there's a cost associated with it, and classes can still feel more meaningful.