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if the game is purchased in gog, it activates in uplay?
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I know this is an old post but just incase someone else has the question, there is no Uplay activation. This is a DRM free title. It doesn't even register on UPlay.

The Steam copy gives you a cd-key and even pasting that into UPlay will not register it. Unlike all other titles on Steam which also require UPlay installed aswell as Steam in order to play it. Nothing like double DRM...
Good because after getting all the main Early 360 game (1, 2, Brotherhood & Revelations) on Steam I know you need Uplay to access those regardless of where they were bought so I was very suprised t9o see this on GOG so I had to be certain, thanks to the confermation, finally a CD version thats just as good as my 360 copy but on PC. Althought after playing it in Steam I can only assume the controls still aren't as good as the old console versions when using a controlller