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So I jsut got AC and after downloading it I see there's 3 other BIN files with the virtual clone drive logo on it. What are they for? They have numbers 1 through 3... I don't understand.

Also, I checked my computer and the game requiremnts and by all checkings I should be able to run this game at medium settings just fine, yet I turn down my graphics and detail down to 1, shadows to 1, V-synch off and everything else down for max preformance and the game chugs...

Is it just may crap laptop or is it the game's fault?
Post edited June 18, 2014 by the_atm
The installer comes as more than one file; I forget the reason (something to do with people wanting to back up to disc, maybe), but GOG avoids sending files of more than 2GB apiece at most, so you get a .exe and some 1.5GB data files with a .bin extension. Just put them all in the same directory and launch the .exe as normal to install.
As for the system requirements:
Did you check for the right hardware? The laptop variant of a graphic card or a CPU has almost nothing to do with the "real" thing for desktop PCs.
For example, I have the "GeForce 660 Ti" running in my desktop computer. The laptop variant "GeForce 660M" does only has 1/3 the power. It's similar with the CPU.

Otherwise, I never heard of problems with specific laptop hardware, although I'm sure it wasn't really tested for these..