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I have a problem. Assassin's Creed runs just fine on my computer, which is well above the recommended specs. However, the game suddenly slows to a crawl at 20 minutes on the dot. Trying to start the game over again achieves the same result, only it takes less time for the problem to rear its head. Is there anything I can do to fix this, or am I stuck with a broken game?
Turns out that closing the lid or putting the computer into sleep mode returns the game to normal speed, but the time it takes for the game to slow back down decreases each time; the last time I tried this, the game got to the point that it would function at normal speed for roughly 5 minutes.
Well sounds like you may not have vsync or sumthang on and its causing the game to run more powerful on your hardware than it should be due to the extra FPS. In having this happen it is overheating your hardware which causes it to slow down for the game.

Fix is to activate vsync...but I wouldnt recommend via ingame but instead use Nvidia Inspector to force it on for the game.
Strangely enough, that didn't help with Assassin's Creed, but it did help with Painkiller, which had been giving me similar trouble. Assassin's Creed still turns into a slide show :(
That does indeed sound like it's having to underclock due to overheating. Anything you can do to alleviate the heat build-up may help. I know they make cooling pads for laptops, though I don't know how effective they tend to be or what the best ones are.

Play inside your fridge? ;)

If it's still cold where you are, turn off the heater and open the windows. Assuming you don't have roommates to kill you for doing so. ;)
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Damn... toying with the idea of suing CanYouRunIt designers now for breach of contract/detrimental reliance; I thought that their statement that my computer exceeded the recommended specs meant that I wouldn't suffer performance problems. Unfortunately, having actually completed a year in law school, I figure my odds of winning on that claim are virtually nil, and the damages wouldn't begin to make up for legal costs.
Great. Now, out of nowhere, the game has started freezing during the opening video of the Ubisoft Logo. Am I the only one this is happening to?