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While I do enjoy playing this first game in the Assassin's Creed series, I've heard that the other, later games, are better. But I haven't bought any of them because I am wary of Ubi's always-online DRM they are fond of.

What I'm thus wondering is if any of the sequels that were available on disk had any DRM that did not require internet activation?

To be clear, I am okay with disk-check DRM, so if any of the sequels had just that type, I'd be okay with it.

I'm thinking that if any of the sequels had a disk-check DRM, I would happily grab a copy from eBay or Amazon. Of course, I'd much rather buy from GOG, but as that's not currently possible (except for the first game), I'd have to buy probably used. That's if, in fact, any of the other games were released with disk-check only. Does anyone know if any of the other games did not require online activation?
Sadly, but to my knowledge all games require online activation, cause the save system is based on it as well.

Yes, save system. You don't want to know. -_-

So if you really want these games, you will sadly need to settle with DRM, cause not sure if they will ever be here.
Thanks, Bethezer.
I was afraid of that. Looks like I'll keep waiting for now.
the only way to get modern ubisoft games drm free is to pirate cracked versions online unfortunatley.
The best option are the complete editions of the console versions. Until they go full digital/streaming consoles have a leg up on PC now as far as I'm concerned because of DRM.

With XP support dropped from Steam last month, while continuing to sell games "Not Optimized for Windows 7 or Later" on their store page I am done with any digital DRM -- period. I have a bunch of Windows XP titles in my Steam library that I preferred playing on an older rig.

I expect the same thing to happen with Windows 7, and even Windows 10 in 20 years from now -- if Steam is even still around.

For the most part you're okay with discs but there are SOME games on console where the discs are just coasters -- so beware.