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Does anybody here own the Focus Multimedia retail edition? If so, can you confirm if there's any kind of DRM in it and how does it work? I've bought it some months ago (found it very cheap at Amazon), but I've yet to install it and I don't have the opportunity to do that before the sale ends...

I don't care much for the soundtrack (I rarely hear soundtracks) and although I'm interested in buying Heroes V, I can't afford to buying the same game twice, so I would prefer to wait for a (potential) later on Heroes V-only sale.

Unless of course, the Assassin's Creed DRM can cause too much of a hassle and I was better off paying the same game twice....

I have Windows 7, and I've only experienced Securom-based copy protections (new machine, haven't played PC games for quite some time and just now I'm starting to try out newer games that I missed the chance), so, what can I expect?
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