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Hi, i've installed AC without issue's with Lutris on my PC. But whatever gamerunner i use it doesn't launch! I've canceled the nvidia phhysics setup, i've used ac9x.exe instud the ac10x.exe, tried to start in a virtual desktop, but 'nada! Gamerunner, all what is there, lutris GE, wineGe. Nothing works!

Did you guys here in the community have a advice for me? Didn't say to "use Win".

Or is it anyone here to has started AC succefully with Lutris? Which gamerunner and other possible tips and tricks-


Post edited December 12, 2023 by baba4z

1. Delete: AssassinsCreed_Game and AssassinsCreed_Dx10, renamed "AssassinsCreed_Dx9" to "AssassinsCreed_Game

2. Runners option
-Wine version: lutris-7.1-x86_64

3. Have fun :)

These settings are in Lutris.

AC runs very smooth and flawlessy without any issues. And my daily OS is Arch

Greetings, baba4z