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I cannot get this game to run, at all.
I am on a Windows XP system, hardware well above the requirements of the game.
I had an original disc-based copy installed, and it ran fine on this same machine/Windows install--before I added a sound card. Initially I had been using onboard sound, and upgraded to an Asus Xonar D1. That's when the bluescreen problem started. I checked and found that others with this same Xonar sound card were able to successfully run the game. So, thinking that it was somehow related to DRM, I re-purchased the game from GOG ... no biggie, because i really do like and want to play the game again.
The GOG version will not run either. Sometimes I get to a black screen, but mostly just bluescreens that show various errors, none of them that offer any real hint as to what the problem is. There's no rhyme or reason to which one shows up.

I uninstalled/reinstalled the game several times. Uninstalled/reinstalled the sound card drivers. Ran Memtest, updated graphics drivers, direct-x, etc. to no avail, and at this point I'm stumped. All other games on my system (including AC 2 and Brotherhood) start up and work just as they always did before the addition of the sound card. I think the problem MAY be related to the DSP mode in use ... this one game does not seem to like any of them ... and ASUS tech support is useless/non-existent as usual.

I know the GOG version works, because my daughter installed and ran it on her (almost identical) machine. She has a sound card with the same basic sound chip. And I am not going back to onboard sound for just one game.
Does anybody have any ideas what might have gone wrong?
Emelisa: [...]
Try disabling your onboard card, first via Device Manager and if that doesn't work, then directly in BIOS.
Sorry I didn't mention that. Onboard sound is disabled in the bios, and all its drivers have been removed from the system. I did this as a matter of course, as some motherboards won't run if both are enabled. Guess I could try putting it back in, lol.
can you post here your system?
your psu have enough power for your system?

lot of people ignore the power supply, perhaps your problem is here.
A complete reinstall of Windows finally solved the problem--on a fresh operating system, with the exact same hardware, the game runs flawlessly again. At this point I'm at a loss as to what the problem was, whether a hidden game file or a system file was corrupted; but it was certainly beyond any utility to fix it. I just don't know. I'm just happy to be able to play it again.