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Was just wondering is there a way to get AC onto my downloads folder as i own it along with many other games i got from EB's or Target (retail basically) i know allot of old games never came with codes but all AC one's did like empire earth 2 and many games of its time so i was wondering is there a place i go to redeem these codes to be allowed to safely and securely download these old classic's, i mean i recently just added witcher and witcher 2 to my list and thank god for you i finally get to play witcher after many years of pining away not being able to play it on my modern system, as i had paid for that game twice and no dice either time i did get to play it on an old 95 win setup but that was short lived as it was to much hassle, anyways before i become a runaway train with my fingers typing up a storm i shall say go GO! and Yippee *snickers*....... *takes a bow then salutes in patriotic fashion*

P.S. yes i am a nutter but only when i am tired.....with which i am allot of late, tired that is (no rest for the wicked gamer) :D

Re-Edit-- aha just looked and found my old case for AC no code my bad but i still like to know if there is a unified place for codes to add into GoG's client downloader/web account.
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Since the developers of The Witcher series, CD Projekt RED, are the parent company of GOG they have a policy of giving a copy of the games on GOG to those who own a retail/Steam copy, those are the only games GOG have such policy about.

I suppose you might email the developers and ask for a GOG key, but I wouldn't hold my breath for one...
aha to true i noticed that GoG was partnered in some way as it was only time i have found out about it i was loading TWCE2 into my system and noticed the little GoG ad down bottom, personally i think good on GoG for there vision and i wish more companys jumped on the bandwagon but on the same breath i am not even sure they are aware of it either, if i am wrong why have they not jumped at the chance cause it all looks like a win win situation to me from what i have read and discovered thus far about GoG. :(

Anyways thank you for that info very helpful of you hope your days are filled with great gaming moments. :)
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