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It is frustrating. Really.

For those who dont (want to) use the GALAXY Client it is always the same. It takes hours or even days until the offline version is available on GOG.

Blablabla.. why do I even bother to write this. Nothing changes anyway.
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No patch on Galaxy either, do not worry.

The true issue is Gog is way too slow with patches.
This is so since years and, as you say, nothing changes anyway :)
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Seriously. Even the fucking warez scene is faster than GOG. For what I pay for ?!

Unfortunately Stardock likes to release their patches on Friday after GoG employees go home for the weekend. This usually means the patches won't show up until at least Monday - at least for the offline installers.
Actually the patch was released on 24th, yesterday.
Imarion: Actually the patch was released on 24th, yesterday.
But not for GOG customers. We have to wait... and wait...
I've enabled beta channels and waited for the 2.4 patch to arrive. I restarted galaxy and verified install of Ashes. No patch and no word on when it will be available for GOG.
No need to do all that stuff.
Just go to your library and check the downloadable version.
Imarion: No need to do all that stuff.
Just go to your library and check the downloadable version.
Imarion are you trolling? There is no download direct from GOG site or in Galaxy. Beta channnels offers no new patch and the only available download version is 2.30. You aren't providing any details as to how you are obtaining the 2.40 patch so it's logical to assume you to be a troll except that you have 80 Rep. That means you probably have provided some helpful advice to someone along the way. However this reply was not helpful. If you know how to obtain the patch please detail it.
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Lol. Never said I have 2.4.
Tomorrow it will be 2 WEEKs for us supporters waiting for the patch. Come on guys, this is beyond ridiculous. I would not demand like same-day patching, I also respect you guys not working on weekends. But more than 8 business days, really?
I just wrote to the support.
I will keep you informed.
Another week passed.
Especially sad because with the patch-enable Vulkan-API there's a major speedup to be had outside of Windows 10, which would cater directly to's audience. :(
I did not check earlier, but the support answered me 2 days ago.
And Galaxy is now updating the game.
The library also has 2.41.

I advise you check again.