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This is game has some rough edges but it is a good game. It takes a bit of getting used to, how to steadily expand economy, production and tech base. How to control units. Once you have gotten used to it its not all bad at all. I quite like the spaceship theme.

I think it is best to play the campaign first - Ascendancy Wars. You want to get an idea of what each unit and building does. What is a good defensive building, what unit counters what. What orbital abilities to use.

If you jump straight into multi-player the people who have played the campaign first will have a big advantage against you.

There is a counter for pretty much everything its just a matter how to build yourself up and when to use what.


I can give you a few tips to get started if you want to jump straight into multiplayer:

1. neutral nodes automatically spawn neutral creep units as time passes. At the beginning of the game they will have no unit, after a while they will have 2, then 3 and so on. You have to capture the node before moving on, otherwise even if you kill all neutral units more will spawn later.

PHC Faction (Post Human Coalition)

2. Basic units from the factory are easily massed but Armory units hard counter them. The best unit against masses of tier 1 tanks is Zeus. It does aoe damage. So if you see someone sending masses of tier 1 tanks just make Zeus.

Athena from the armory is the general purpose tier 2 heavy tank. Its tanky and does heavy damage.

Zeus and Athena is a good combo but they are both short range units.

Nemsis and Artemis from the armory are longer ranged units. Nemesis does high single target damage, Artemis appears to have a small aoe effect, does less damage than nemsis.

3. Defence buildings are very strong in this game. They are tough to kill and deal alot of damage. Tier 2 defence buildings require orbital fabrication but enough of them can essentially make your defence impregnable except by longer range attacks. It can hold them back for a very long time. But they are not easy to build since you need to unlock tech tree and they are not that cheap either.

4. Air force can be built right away but require alot of radioactive resource. You probably wouldnt be able to build it right away normally. It is feasible though in maps where you have a very high amount of radioactive resources nearby to start with.

Air force is easily countered by anti-air turret or armory anti air unit. There is no tier 1 anti-air unit from the factory. at least not effective in anyway.


I hope this will give you some idea of the game. If I am wrong in anything please let me know.

Thank you.