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Earlier in the FAQ-thread it was stated that there might be a LAN mode coming after release.

So, what are currently the plans to add LAN in a future update?
I don't know about this, but I'm eagerly awaiting this feature more than any other.
me too, so multiplayer game with friends would be finally possible WITHOUT everyone (6 Persons) has to buy it.
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It is not about playing pirated copies - it is about long service life/longlivity.
Imagine Supreme Commander totally reliant on GPGnet for multiplayer.
GPGnet is long dead.
LAN is the only possible means to insure playability when servers are long gone...

So what are the plans? No answer is also information....
Absolutely.. it's the same with 8-bit Armies. A shame, especially for gog.
Has the release of the new game Escalation finally given LAN play to AotS?
If someone pass here, I own this game (patch 2.60) and on this day (27/11/2017), ashes of the sigularity : escalation does not possess lan features..
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