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I forgot to add this to the GoG forum, I had already posted this on the Steam forum.

This scenario was made and tested with the Steam version of the game, but this should work just fine on the GoG version as well. Let me know if it somehow doesn't seem to work, be sure to read where to extract the files down below (Just simply the main dir of Ashes of the Singularity will do, below is just an example of where it might be located)


Hey guys,

For the first time in my Ashes of the Singularity "Content creator" "career", I am very proud to present to you my first ever map made. And a Scenario at that!

I fully understand that "My first time ever!" paired with "Reasonably complicated Scenario's" isn't likely to make a lot of you very excited to play this Scenario. However, please do give it a shot if you like the single player campaign (SPOILERS exist if you haven't finished the campaign yet!).

There are still improvements that can be made on most fronts but after my very first two days with the map editor, I already clocked over 20 hours worth of creating content (And learning a billion things too.) It has been quite exhausting and also very exciting to learn to create content for AotS, because I feel the game is excellent and is just brimming with potential.

However, even without these improvements, I hope to be able to convince you that this is still "Stardock DLC Worthy" in terms of quality. Maybe not the $4 for Turtle Wars, but if you had a ton of fun playing it then that's all that matters to me.

Please leave _any_ feedback in the thread, preferably as constructive as possible. The more feedback, the more I can improve and the better "DLC" I can deliver to you for free!

I feel I could do a lot more to polish the game and balance the difficulty levels, but I really just first want to see if people actually like what I'm doing with the game. If there's no interest or I suck so much then all the hours spent polishing would have been a waste anyway.

With sincerity I can say that I hope you will enjoy playing the Scenario as much as I enjoyed (And cried, and got frustrated) learning and creating the Scenario!

Without further ado:

Back to Back

Unzip the contents in your Ashes of the Singularity map.
c:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Ashes of the Singularity\

if you've done it properly, you will see it along with "all" your other Scenario's like this:

Clicky picture.

I know my list isn't grand at all but I just don't have the money right now to buy any DLC, so if you're looking for "Oh this DLC Infinifactory feature is awesome, add it" - I'm not that good with scripting and would have probably a hard time adding a feature like that myself. Practically all of the scripts in the Scenario were re-used from campaign maps and with the help of an awesome guide.

I'll try to get all the DLC's asap but it'll probably have to wait until next month.

Super special thanks to:

TKAzA for creating this guide. It helped me immensely and helped take away some of the frustration I had making the map (Blood sweat tears but also smiles were had when it all came together!)

Stardock for creating such an awesome game with amazing potential!