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Changelog for patch 2.01.23857 / GOG-3 (Windows) (added 18 November 2016):


- Request Region- You can now request regions your teammate controls (single player and campaign only).
- Notification Pings- When the "enemy dreadnaught detected", "an enemy has captured a region", and "dreadnought upgrade available" messages are played we now ping the minimap so you know where the event is occurring.
- WASD camera movement- Added a Game option to have WASD map to camera movement instead of unit panel hotkeys.
- Performance improvements


- Decreased Punisher damage from 130 to 100
- Increased Constable Accuracy from 40 to 80
- Increased Constable damage from 50 to 75
- Increased Constable missile projectile speed from 150 to 300
- You now need line of sight to place Sappers (not just exposed fog of war)
- You now need line of sight to place Saboteurs (not just exposed fog of war)
- Sensor Drone now has a 120 second delay before it can be used the first time
- Scan Project now has a 120 second delay before it can be used the first time
- Base cost of Sensor Drone orbital ability increased from 25 to 50
- Call Saboteur cooldown time increased
- Call Sapper cooldown time increased
- Call Saboteur base quanta cost increased from 50 to 75
- Increased required victory points for maps. Larger maps got larger increases: Crack the Shell, Cygnus, Entropy, Eridon, Eruption, Ganymede, Hammer of the Gods, Knife Fight, Open Range, Pulaski, Pyn, Rosette, Shredded, Thuban and Triad maps


- Crash fixes
- Fixed an issue that could cause constructing buildings to be invulnerable
- Fixed Turnium generator bar bouncing
- Fixed Load/annoying sounds when units spawn
- Fixed Blossom Launcher construction animation being blocky
- Fixed an issue that could cause dreadnoughts to fail to attack turrets
- Fixed an issue causing Units coming out not at full shields
- Fixed an issue causing factories in the empire tree to show an upgrade icon
- Fixed an issue causing Martyr’s fire did not show up when at max normal zoom.
- Fixed an issue causing the Chronos Blossom fire to not show up at max zoom.
- Fixed repeated audio alerts in King of the Hill
- Fixed a bad normal map on the Nano Refinery
- Fixed the 30 bombers achievement
- Fixed an issue that would allow turrets to shoot through hills in some situations
- Fixed an issue making placing buildings difficult in strategic zoom
- Fixed an issue keeping the Constable range from being shown when placed
- Fixed an issue causing targeting difficulties when > 8 players


- Sappers and Avatars are no longer selected with armies (they now follow Engineer rules)
- Low Cloud Cover no longer disappears before switching to Strategic View
- Improved the look of the Harbinger unit
- Fixed the level of detail texture maps for the Archer unit
- Improved the SS Constructor Effect
- Fixed the Reinforced Crate icon
- Improved Harvester Model
- Fixed the Reinforced Crate icon
- Improved the Nano transport buff indicator on the army cards
- You can now mouseover the army leader to see his information (instead of having to mouseover his name)
- Added a new icon for the Intensive Care orbital ability


- Improved Target acquisition around max range
- Improved the Instigator AI so it doesn't run off and get into battle as easily
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Changelog for patch 2.01 Hotfix / GOG-4 (Windows) (added 22 November 2016):

- Addressed several crashes reported by users.
- PHC Charon reinforcement ability is no longer affected by orbital nullification.
- Further improved the Harvester unit's appearance.
- Added a unit portrait for Athena's custom avatar.
- Fixed the cool down display for some of the orbitals
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Changelog for Patch 2.03.24984 / GOG-5 (Windows) (added 27 January 2016):

- Eliminator Turret damage increased from 1000 to 2000
- Starburst Turret damage increased from 80 to 200
- Artemis logistics cost increased from 6 to 8
- Thantos sight radius increased from 500m to 800m
- Athena HP reduced from 2000 to 1200
- Engineer build time increased from 25 to 26
- Strategic Bomber cost increased from 120 metal to 480 metal
- Strategic Bomber cost increased from 800 rads to 1200 rads
- Drone Hive shield recharge reduced from 2 per sec to 1 per sec
- Mauler max shield increased to 1200
- Mauler rad cost increased from 60 to 80 rads
- Destructor logistics cost increased from 4 to 8
- Substrate Constructor build time increased from 24s to 26s
- Punisher radioactive cost increased from 240 to 280 rads
- Punisher shields increased from 800 to 1200
- Dominator build time increased from 50 to 60 seconds
- Barrager turret build time increased from 100 to 120 seconds
- Artillery turret rad cost increased from 180 to 240
- Artillery turret build time increased from 120 to 180
- PHC Refinery HP reduced from 1500 to 800
- PHC Quantum Relay build time reduced from 70s to 60s
- Air Eliminator Turret Rad cost increased from 270 to 600 (this is an end game ultimate air defense)
- Air Eliminator Turret build time increased from 120 to 240
- Sky Ender Turret build time increased from 80 to 240
- Sky Ender Turret rad cost increased from 60 to 600 rads (this is an end game ultimate air defense)
- Increased Caregiver logistics from 3 to 30
- Artillery turret cooldown increased from 5 to 12 seconds and damage increased from 250 to 300

- Added unique icons for AA and Mixed Turrets
- Made the attack-move order preview in strategic view red
- UI now displays the proper cooldown percentages for "custom" cooldown lengths.

- Fixed a crash with when updating Constructor orders.
- Athena weapon effects are now properly aligned with its weapons.
- Smartie missiles now use all of its tubes.
- Fix issue with "Paranoid Android" achievement that prevented it from being completed reliably
- Fixed a crash related to selecting a specific unit within a formation
- Units will no longer stop moving if their destination region is captured before they arrive.
- Typo fixes
- Fixed an issue that can cause Mobile Nullifiers to intermittently not work

- Europa: Give bonus logistics to cover cost of free Dreadnaughts
- Betelgeuse: Added additional Artemis waves
- Yorkshire: Fixed a camera related crash
- Lagoan - adjusted Aviary dialogue
Since Ashes of the Singularity and Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation have been merged on 21st February this changelog is obsolete. All further changes are logged in Ashes of the Singularity changelog only.
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