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Hi all,

We have uploaded all new installers for Ascendant that will upgrade your game to version 1.2.0. Please download the installer of your choice at your earliest convenience :)

Changelog for version 1.2.0:

New Stuff and Bug Fixes

New game difficulties added: Baby, Normal, and Rage.
Time-based leaderboards added for each difficulty.
Fixed a bug that would prevent Humbaba from exiting an invulnerable state.
Fixed a bug that would prevent the Ascended bosses from attacking after
Map generation has been fixed. Players should now no longer be stuck
without a boss room in the Winter levels.
A certain boss room door has been removed from the wall. (Sorry, TorNis)
Hachiman event rooms now occasionally reward players correctly with the
Blessing of Hachiman instead of the Blessing of Gran Bwa.
Pots in the shooting gallery will now properly self-destruct after 30
seconds if they do not initially break on impact.


Kamoho Blessing on weapons now awards players with 5 influence every
time an enemy is eaten.
Kamoho Blessing on spell has had its homing buff effect doubled.
Spell homing in general has been doubled.
Zephyrus Blessing on weapon has had its proc chance increased from 10%
to 15%. Additionally, its launch force has been doubled.
Zephyrus Blessing on spells now instantly staggers most enemies in
addition to its current knockback.
Blessing of Kali now saves the player's life when spending health in
various event rooms and blood shops.
Tlaloc Blessing on spell has had its delay raised from 0.1 seconds to
every 0.4 seconds.
Gameplay Changes
Demon pot projectiles have been made more visible.
Enemy shields are now initially much weaker but scale as the game
Launch force has been increased on The Twig.
The restart option has been removed upon winning the game. This allowed
players to replay the game as the character they had won the game with.
There Can be Only One Steam Achievement has been fixed.
A script has been added to check and see if players have completed
certain achievements and award them. This will check to see if players
have completed New Challenger based achievements and journal-based
achievements (e.g. Heavy Breathing - Discover every breath).
1280x1024 resolution added in the Settings menu.

Difficulty Mode Clarification

Baby Mode
All characters start with an additional max heart
Invulnerability Time (after being struck) is increased by 0.75 seconds
Pots drop more loot
Health pickups drop more frequently
All damage is reduced by a quarter heart (down to a minimum of a quarter
Normal Mode
The same mode you have been playing since launch
Rage Mode
Stronger enemy variants work their way in earlier
Rooms generally have more enemies earlier
Enemies have more hp
Bosses have more hp
All damage is increased by a quarter heart

Thanks and have a nice day :)