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Hi all,

I bought this game a week or so ago and it's simply unplayable. It just lags like nothing else. From the menu screen to ingame it seems like 1fps. I move the mouse and the delay is a few seconds and moves the curser half the screen away. When I want to select an option it takes some effort to get the curser on to said option. When I exited the game it was taking so long I just windowed out of it.

I've never had any problems to the point I couldn't actually play a game in all my 30 years or so playing Amiga and PC stuff until now.

Now my PC isn't exactly the latest and greatest (Ryzen 5 3600XT, Geforce RTX 3060 ti, 16gb) but surely it should run this with ease seeing as it can still handle most new games on high settings and this is just a slide show?! There may well be a simple fix for this but looking online I can't seem to find one.

I do have an SSD drive, perhaps I should have installed it on that?
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