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I am on my second attempt at a first play through. I am not very far into the game, but I have been progressing slowly because some things make me nervous (like the mysterious little hatches everywhere). Somethings I hope to figure out myself, like how to get through the secret door in the stone wall on the first level of the goblin/troll mines, but I have just about reached the end of my wits with the Idol recovery quest for the striking Trolls.
Alright, my first play through, I killed all the Goblins and the King and looted the castle bare. I still had a grudge against them for their uncivil treatment of me earlier in the game. This worked out fine except the trolls stated they would no longer be my friend, and while I thought nothing of it -when I went to save Shany there were two of them waiting for me at the entrance to level 2 mines and I simply could not kill them both (melee/stealth, not using magic).
Second playthrough I decided to give mage a shot (fireball is overpowered as hell, I killed that badass spider guarding the emerald in the Arx cave with one hit), and now I am back at the Troll Strike quest and I want to know if there is anyway to help Anok become king of the Goblins? I already figured out how to 'poison' the king's cookies with wine and get him to let you into the armoury where Anok hid the idol in the hopes the Brotherhood would kill the king for his lack of production, what I want to know is if there is a way to simply get Anok in charge instead of killing him. Seems like Goblins would prefer having him anyway.
edit: Oh and is there a way to run? I've noticed that some enemies will run, when I am low on mana and have to resort to melee, but they easily get away while I plod slowly after them. I figure there has to be a way to toggle between walk and run, but could not find it in the manual
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The trolls on the other level are not counted as part of the troll kingdom's trolls and will always be hostile--no matter what your relationship with the troll kingdom is--unless you have completed Greu's side quest. As for the troll kingdom's trolls not liking goblin genocide, if you complete a certain other side quest involving them the goblins will become your enemies; if you kill them after this point the trolls won't mind one bit.
There are various ways to solve the troll idol quest, but they all have the same result; there is no way to make Atok the king.
Your default movement speed is running (holding shift will make you walk, which is even slower). The only way to go faster is with the speed spell.
Thanks man, yeah, I turned in Greu's quest early and discovered it let me past the trolls this time around. Hehe, I wandered all the way down to the Dwarves looking for Shany. Eventually found her though.
Thanks though for the answers. :D