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I looked through the forums and I couldn't seem to find the issue I am experiencing. I just got the game and I have Vista and all. The game seems to run just fine...until text starts popping up on screen. I don't know why but the game lags whenever text appears on screen so every time I open my journal, when someone talks, when I pick up an item, etc. I have tried turning bump mapping and anti aliasing off as well as run it in compatibility mode and nothing seems to be working. Anyone have an suggestions?
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Not sure why it would be doing that, do you have any ease of use windows settings turned on that affect the size of fonts when using windows?
I don't think I do this is honestly the first game I've ever encountered this issue with. I'm disappointing cause I wanted to play this game without any hiccups aside from the actual game bugs. I've heard a lot about it it's very unique.
One thing you could try is going into your video card control panel and changing all settings to "application-controlled' (you will need to switch to the "advanced" view to see these settings).
Yeah I just checked and my video card is set up like that already. Ugh this lag is frustrating :-(
It appears other users have had this problem in the past as well.


The font lag discussion starts mostly on page 2 of that thread. It doesn't appear anyone has solved the problem only come up with work around so that combat isn't laggy if you are getting lag due to combat messages(mainly by removing the messages). If your having combat lag then maybe some of the stuff in there will at least get the game to a semi playable state.

I would also contact gog support if you haven't done so already to see if they have any ideas.
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Ok thank you. I browsed through that forum and I don't want to get rid of the text altogether because I'm new to the game and was having a bit of trouble in the beginning already so I'm trying to find a way to get the game running properly without getting rid of the text but thank you for the link. I sent GOG a message so we will see if they have any suggestions.
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I have fixed this on my PC by installing the MOD from Patch scrolls at


This adds support for graphics cards that do not support Alpha blending. The game now works as it should at full speed.