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Compared to recent RPGs, this game is very different and feels very fresh.
This game does not try to simulate an open world as Fallout and Oblivion tried, yet it feels much more open than the worlds in the said games. Where in an open world invisible walls seems wrong, in dungeons the real walls are ok.
And you move through dungeons starting with escape from a prison all the time. The dungeons feel as natural and well designed as the offices in Half-Life 1 do. And the story develops very well.
If I should compare it to other games, it would be a combination of Die by the Sword and Might and Magic VI-VIII. The realtime combat with some degree of strategy (just move closer, strike, pull out, etc.), mostly linear way forward and RPG style like Might and Magic VI-VIII.
The only thing that I would like to change is the controls. I would be much happier if I were able to collect items by pressing spacebar and having the inventory over the whole screen with the game paused.
But yeah, just a minor flaw.