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As you can imagine. This is kind of a problem.

Is there some console command to just kill the goddamn thing? I've been at this for 30 minutes and it's driving me insane.

Edit: So I got lucky, but there has just GOT to be a better way to do this.
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This question / problem has been solved by Aoyagiimage
Well, I dealt with the thing without any reading about how to do it. I didn't know I could use the meat... I had to lure the black beast to the room with logbook, quickly jump on the wooden platform (proved kinda difficult), make the beast stuck on the left corner below me (the one without lever), carefully jump to the right, pull lever, quickly run around the beast, pull the other lever, jump over the lava, watch beast perish.
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I'll mark your reply as the solution. This is way easier than bothering with that ridiculous slab of meat that he can somehow eat from halfway across the room anyway.